Gallery Updates

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Belerofonte has answered our prayers with some larger, text-free versions of the new Natalie photos featured in Paris Match.

Miss Dior Cherie Video

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It’s horribly edited together but this is still a great find from Toto20, a video showing behind the scenes of the Miss Dior Cherie launch in New York back in 2010. We see Natalie at the launch, at a special dinner and then again in a one on one interview setting. It also has footage from the opening of the Dior boutique, with John Galliano, before he disgraced himself and was fired by Dior. Speaking of which, Nannnina found a Vanity Fair slide show focusing on the most famous red carpet snubs, and Natalie not wearing Dior (as the Galliano controversy was in full swing) to the 2011 Oscars made the list.

But back to the video, there is no embed code so you’ll have to just click the thumb below to get to the video.

Screenshot (8)

Natalie in Paris Match

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Some brand new photos of Natalie modeling Dior couture are being featured in an issue of Paris Match this month. Hopefully we’ll get some larger scans soon. Thanks to anqxxx (via moon-light-world).

Hold Onto Your Hats

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This is not the worst photo I’ve ever seen…

It’s from the Dior photoset, which means EdenLiao is to thank for the find.


Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated the gallery with some tag-free but smallish photos from Natalie’s most recent Christian Dior Parfums editorial for Elle. They come in two flavors: Washed out and over-saturated.

Gallery Updates

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I’ve updated the gallery with two new photos from an old Christian Dior Parfums editorial, which were featured in Madame Figaro and DuJour last year.

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Miss Dior in HQ

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We’ve finally gotten our hands on the HQ versions of the promotional photo shoot for Natalie’s latest Miss Dior fragrance campaign. Big thanks to Kitten and A.E.!

Some More Dior

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I’ve updated the gallery with one more new behind-the-scenes photo of Natalie on the set of Sofia Coppola’s La vie en rose commercial for Miss Dior.

Even more Dior

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I’ve updated the gallery with two more new behind-the-scenes photos of Natalie on the set of Sofia Coppola’s La vie en rose commercial for Miss Dior. Thanks to Kitten and eden Liao.

Gallery Updates

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Just in case you haven’t noticed (they’ve been there for a while… oops), I’ve updated the gallery with two new behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Sofia Coppola’s La vie en rose commercial for Miss Dior. Thanks to Eden Liao as always!

Behind The Scenes

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I think the Miss Dior landslide of news is almost at an end, however this update MIGHT be the best of all. It’s a 3 minute long behind the scenes video that, personally, I like even more than the full advert. There’s something about seeing those moments being created that is even more interesting and beautiful to me.

Always want to finally mention that the actor opposite Natalie is Nash Edgerton, who not only acts but writes, directs (check out his short film Spider for a great dose of dark comedy) and is even a stuntman. His brother is also Joel Edgerton, who was Uncle Owen in The Phantom Menace and is starring alongside Natalie in Jane Got A Gun.

Hit the thumbnail below to go to the video. Thanks to Toto20 for the find.


‘La vie en rose’ short debut

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The full-length version of Natalie and Sofia Coppola’s La vie en rose short for Miss Dior Eau de Parfum has finally debuted on Dior’s website and YouTube channel today. Does everyone else agree that this is much better than the first commercial? Thanks to fanatical610!

Dior Interview

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A new Dior video interview, with Natalie looking rather stunning, has arrived and once more knocked The Charlies off the radar. Everytime I sit down to get them sorted out some big news comes along. I promise promise promise they will begin this weekend. Throw shoes at me if I fail to deliver.

Back to the interview, found by the other Miss Dior – EdenLiao, Natalie talks about Dior, the fragrance and working with Sofia Coppola. More a promo than a real interview but when she looks like that I don’t think many will mind.

Two More Teasers

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And here are two new teasers for the upcoming Sofia Coppola directed short film, La Vie En Rose. They really are squeezing every inch out of this thing aren’t they? I can’t tell if I’m loving it or on the verge of shouting, in my best old man voice, “just get on with it”. Thanks to Kitten!

Dior Tumblr

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Another great heads up from EdenLiao – that the Dior Tumblr page is updating constantly with new photos and teasers from the upcoming Dior short film. Click the thumbnail below to check out what they have to offer.


La Vie En Rose

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We’re not done yet. A site has gone up with images and the videos that we posted earlier. The forthcoming Sofia Coppola directed short film (well, short fashion film to be accurate) is apparently titled La Vie En Rose. Hit the thumbnail below to be taking to the magical Tumblr-esque kingdom of Dior’s making.


Dior Short Film Coming Soon

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Just when you think Dior is done, more Natalie content arrives. Today we have a trailer and two teasers for the short film, from which the new Dior advert was stitched. I wasn’t overly thrilled by the advert (will be doing a poll about that and other news items that haven’t been polled because we’ve been looking into our poll system) so am hoping that the longer form, which is directed by Sofia Coppola, will have more of an impact. Enjoy and thanks again to EdenLiao.

The two teasers are after the jump…
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Extended Overcurl

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Behind The Scenes Dior Iconic Overcurl video. The first video was gorgeous and this just revels in it. I could watch Natalie’s hair get brushed all day 😀

Thanks to Cherryvanilla for the find.

The Story Of Miss Dior

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Dior have also released a little short info promo about the history of the brand. Natalie gives voice over at the beginning, shows up briefly just after the minute mark and then is on screen talking at the very end. Thanks to EdiorLiao.

Okay, How About Some More

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Dior is really stepping up to fill the void, huh? Kudos, Christian Dior, kudos. Following that new video, here are several shots from the shoot. The thumb below will take you to the temporary gallery where they are all housed, until Rachel can sort them properly later tonight. A big thanks to…hell, you know who 😛