Miss Dior Print Ads

I’ve updated the gallery with the rather severe-looking print ads for Natalie’s upcoming Miss Dior fragrance campaign. Somewhat of a departure from the soft, playful look of Tim Walker’s old Miss Dior Chérie ads. What do you guys think?


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Welcome Back, Miss Dior

Natalie’s Dior campaign begun with the gentle pink themed shoot and video directed by Sofia Coppola. Well the new Miss Dior campaign is on the way and we have three new photos for you guys. UPDATE – And one more!



That’s not all, we have more after the jump. Just click “read more”.


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More Dior Gifts

Dior keeps on giving. Today we have two new photos from Natalie’s new campaign for Diorshow Iconic Overcurl and Mono Eyeshadow. And even though the resolution can be improved upon (*sends up the Eden-signal*) they are both really beautiful shots, don’t you agree?




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Gallery Updates

Edenliao has once again found a much higher quality version of Natalie’s Diorshow Iconic Overcurl/Mono Eyeshadow print ad.


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Complete Dior

Okay, screw Rachel. I got the goods! Edenliao is like a bloodhound when it comes to Dior images, and here are two high quality versions of the new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl advert UPDATE – And also being used for Dior Mono Eyeshadow.



And here is the even bigger version focused just on Natalie.


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Before we get to the new poll, here are the results of the last (and first on the new site) poll.


Dead even when it came to the highest praise and the most violent rejection of the new site, but happy to see that more than half of you are happy with the new surroundings and those less sure are willing to give it some time.

Today’s new poll is already a bit of a mess up because I couldn’t get the images to load with the poll. Will try and get that working tomorrow, but scroll down a little and you’ll clearly see the two photos we’re asking about.

Which new Dior photo was more memorable?


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Another Day Of Dior

What a great start to the year. Eden found a clearer cropped look at the new Dior Iconic Overcurl photo, and with it a gorgeous new black and white shot that is either behind the scenes or “behind the scenes” – emphasis on the quotes.

NATALIE PORTMAN 2 HD (C) Heather Sommerfield for Christian Dior Parfums


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Thanks to EdenLiao, we have several other looks at the new Dior photo. The campaign is Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, and let’s hope the image has not being manipulated in photoshop this time.



Two more after the jump…



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Dior Shows, We Tell

The first new photo of Natalie in ages and boy is it a good one. Here she is in a glimpse at a brand new Dior advert for the Diorshow campaign. Not wanting to sound greedy but hopefully there are more and better versions just around the corner. Thanks to Anqxxx for the find.



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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with a couple of new-old photos of Natalie speaking at a press conference for her Miss Dior campaign at Chelsea Piers in New York City back in 2010. These are some of the very few professional-looking photos we have of this appearance. Unfortunately, there’s only two and they’re watermarked. Boo.


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In the most ridiculous news of the day, Natalie’s print ad for DiorShow New Look mascara has been banned by the ASA. Fashionista has the details:

According to an article by the Telegraph (since removed from their site) referenced by the Huffington Post, the brand’s beauty department is under fire after a mascara ad featuring Natalie Portman was reported to the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. And who filed the complaint? Rival beauty company (and also a former ASA ban victim) L’Oréal UK, who allege that the ad for Dior’s Dior Show New Look Mascara exaggerates the effects of the mascara with Photoshop.

Dior claims that the image in question was originally intended for a lipstick ad, and that Portman is not wearing false eyelashes, per Vogue UK. Still, Dior has voluntarily withdrawn the ad rather than wait out a formal investigation, which would require that they argue that the allegations of digital enhancement were false. Further, Dior does admit to retouching Portman’s lashes to “separate/increase the length and curve of a number of her lashes and to replace/fill a number of missing or damaged lashes, for a more stylised, uniform and tidy effect.” We’re not initiated in beauty advert speak, but that kind of sounds to us like they did in fact digitally exaggerate the effects of the mascara.

Seriously scratching my head over this one considering it’s fairly tame as far as cosmetics advertisements go (unlike the over-the-top computer generated eyelashes I’ve seen in L’Oreal’s). If we’re going to ban beauty ads for being misleading, I think it’s only fair to ban them all.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with four new outtakes from Natalie’s Frederic Auerbach photo shoot for Dior. Thanks to toto20 and cherryvanilla for the great finds.


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Get The Natalie Look

Natalie wore an altered Christian Dior Fall 2012 Couture gown to the Van Cleef & Arpels’ party for LA Dance Project last Saturday.



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Gallery Updates

I’ve replaced most of the photos from Natalie’s Alexi Lubomirski editorial (featured in the Stars in Dior coffee table book) with larger, higher quality versions. Again, a huge thanks to Jacqueline.


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I’ve replaced the bulk of the photos from Natalie’s recent Dior editorial with larger, higher quality versions. A big, big thanks to Jacqueline.


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Cherryvanilla found a new promotional video for Dior’s The New Nude campaign, which features a lot of really nice shots of Natalie posing for the print ads. Hopefully this turns up somewhere in HQ.


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with two new (albeit very low quality and unfortunately watermarked) photos from Natalie’s recent Dior promo. The photos were found alongside an interview with Natalie (my Spanish is pretty rusty, but it looks like more of the same old stuff) for the September 2012 issue of TELVA.


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Rogue Dior Nude Preview

Garcy found a great preview of Natalie’s fall campaign for Rouge Dior’s Nude Grège N°169. If you’ve been following the campaign, you’ll remember this is the shade Natalie chose to promote in benefit of the Free The Children foundation. All profits from the sales will be going towards scholarships for girls’ secondary education in Kenya.


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Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with a new addition to Natalie’s latest photo shoot for Christian Dior. Hopefully this won’t be the last!


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Gallery Updates

I’ve updated the gallery with some great new candids of Natalie on the set of a photo shoot for her new Miss Dior campaign in Paris last Tuesday.


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