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I’m not sure if it is because of Eating Animals, or some other reason, but I’ve noticed a lot of messages on our social media channels along the lines of “How can Natalie talk about how we should treat animals when Dior tests its products on them.”

I don’t have an answer to that but I thought it would be a good idea to summarize the situation. So…

Does Dior test on animals?

It wouldn’t be the first time that advocacy groups would be wrong (see: GMOs) but as far as I can tell, the answer to the question is “yes”, with an important caveat – Dior doesn’t test or work with companies that test unless required to do so by law. China requires testing by law. Dior sells in China. So, for that market, their products are tested.

What does this say about Dior?

It means they’re another company that, like Apple, that even though they do a lot of good they are also willing to compromise in order to access a massive market.
Dior animal testing

Did Natalie know about this before she signed on?

I might be wrong, but I think this only came into effect after Natalie joined.

Does Natalie not care?

Quite the contrary. Longtime visitors might recall that I used to have a contact close to Natalie. At the time I was told that Natalie’s team spent months vetting Dior before she signed. Treatment of animals was fundamental to her signing on. My source told me that even the well-being of bees was looked at.

So why is she still with Dior?

This I do not know, but here are some best guess scenarios. You can choose whatever you think is more likely.

1 – She is trapped in her contract. If we look closely at the Miss Dior advertising we can see secret messages indicating her disillusionment.

2 – She doesn’t know. Nobody wants to tell her and have a really awkward conversation.

3 – She found out but is now so comfortable with the Miss Dior lifestyle that she’s willing to look the other way.

4 – Being inside Dior she can see how much good they do in other areas, including pushing for and working on alternative testing practices for the industry to use. Essentially, the good far outweighs the bad and internally they may believe that they are fighting for a change that is just around the corner.

Hopefully, a journalist will ask Natalie directly and we won’t have to guess. Giving her involvement with Eating Animals it feels like a question that is reasonable to ask.


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  • remomav says:

    What are these secret messages that indicate her disillusionment with Dior?

  • Scipio123 says:

    Another factor is that Dior have partnered up with WE (presumably) at Natalie’s bequest. She wouldn’t want to damage that relationship, so she might just overlook the animal testing in China. My guess is that Nat probably knows about the animal testing, but that blow is softened by the fact that Dior are supporting WE and Free the Children. I doubt that her wanting a “Miss Dior lifestyle” has anything to do with it. She’s an extremely wealthy woman, who will always have a luxurious lifestyle, so she doesn’t need to stay with Dior if she doesn’t like them.

  • Aurore says:

    I also think it will be nice if someone can ask her directly. Personally, I think the 4th is the best one. Even if she don’t support animal testings she can have much more impact by working we them and try to influence them than the contrary.

  • Darren says:

    You seem to be ignoring the alternative option, that she might be fine with ignoring animal testing if it helps her either make money or promote herself by aligning herself with a high profile brand. This might be uncomfortable, but who knows. We don’t know her and she might not care much at all if she is benefiting from it. It is really easy to ignore things when you are rich and famous.

    • Dazza says:

      As I said, I know for a fact she had her team vetting Dior for months on this very topic. That’s inconsistent with someone who doesn’t care.

  • eb says:

    In a recent interview she said she was vegan, and then she said she uses Bioderma products. And Bioderma is testing on animals. How to explain that?

  • eb says:

    I see… Nice site btw!