Natalie at the Golden Globes

Natalie and Benjamin walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes tonight. Unfortunately, she hasn´t won the award. Isabelle Huppert has finally risen with the golden globe to the best actress in drama category. But nevertheless, Natalie has been splendid on the red carpet. and here we have the photos:




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Jackie Screening for Variety

Natalie attended a screening of Jackie tonight, hosted by Variety and AARP movies for Grownups Screenings. At the later private party, she posed with some of the guests, including Reese Whitherspoon, who recently praised the film on her Twitter account. Rex Features and Daily Mail have a lot of photos of the screening, and also some of the instagram photos taken during the event:




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Palm Springs Film Awards Gala

Natalie and Benjamin attended the opening awards gala at the Palm Springs International Film Festival tonight, where she received the Desert Palm Achievement Award, given by Tom Hanks, for her role in Jackie. Zimbio and Popsugar have a lot of photos from the event, and here we have a small sample:




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Natalie has won the Best Actress Award at the Critics’ Choice for her portrayal of Jackie in Pablo Larrain’s film tonight. The movie also won two other awards: best costumes and makeup. Here we have a few photos from the gala, and a video where she is totally emotional with her family:



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Natalie and Benjamin attended the L.A. Dance Annual Gala at The Theatre at Ace Hotel tonight in Los Angeles, California. Among others, Nicholas Britell and Robert Pattinson were in the gala and after party. Zimbio and Daily Mail have a few photos from the event:




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Vulture Awards Season Party

Natalie attended the Vulture Awards Season Party last night, and Daily Mail has the first pictures from the event:




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Jackie Premiere Videos

After the maelstrom of news that has been these days with the US release of Jackie, comes a relative calm in Natland. Good opportunity to rescue news and videos of the week. To begin with, here are a few red carpet interviews at the Premiere in Washington DC last Thursday:



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Premiere in Washington DC

Natalie attended a jackie premiere in Washington DC tonight. Just Jared has the first photos:


Earlier in the day, Natalie was seen stepping out in a black and white plaid jacket in New York City. This time, Zimbio has a few pictures:



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IFP Gotham Awards

New photos are starting to pour in of Natalie’s arrival at IFP’s 26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York City this evening. JustJared has some candid photos of her leaving her hotel earlier today. Click on the preview below to see her red carpet appearance in the gallery.

Gotham Awards

You can watch a live stream of the award show here.


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AFI red carpet videos

To complete the AFI Fest’s coverage, here we have a couple of videos on the red carpet


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Israel Film Festival

Natalie attended a gala dinner at the Israel Film Festival in LA tonight, where she received an achievement in film award, alongside Sharon Stone and Jay Sanderson. Natalie also had occasion to reunite again with Thor co-star Kat Dennings. Daily Mail has a few photos of the event, and also we can see a (blurry) full video from the Natalie speech:




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Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards

And more prizes tonight. Natalie handed an award to Darren Aronofsky for his work as producer of Jackie at the “Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards”. These prizes, sponsored by Hamilton watches, highlights special behind-the-scenes artists for their individual impact on the film industry. Zimbio has a few pictures of Natalie at the event:



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Natalie attended the Hollywood Film Awards tonight, where she received an award for her performance in Jackie, from the hands of her old friend Susan Sarandon. Here are a bunch of photos of the appearance; click on the images below to see them…

Red carpet/arrivals:




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Jackie red carpet videos

And here we have a few video interviews with cast and crew, from the red carpet at New York Festival:



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Jackie Premiere in NYFF

Jackie Premiere was held at New York Film Festival just a few hours ago, and here we have the first pictures of the entrance to the screening and the post Q&A. Natalie looks stunning alongside Pablo Larraín, Peter Sarsgaard, Darren Aronofsky, Noah Oppenheim and other members of the crew. Zimbio has several photos of the event:




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Jackie TIFF Premiere

Natalie joined Pablo Larraín and Darren Aronofsky at the Toronto International Film Festival to present Jackie at the Winter Garden Theatre earlier this evening. Hit the preview below to view the first few photos from the red carpet in our gallery.


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Planetarium TIFF Premiere

Natalie just attended the premiere of Planetarium at the Toronto International Film Festival this evening in Ontario. Hit the preview below to see her walking the (very wet) red carpet and joining Lily-Rose Depp and Rebecca Zlotowski onstage at Roy Thomson Hall to present the film.


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Planetarium Red Carpet

DAZZA update – I am editing Belero’s post to make it a bit more objectively accurate. I think he’s probably right but let’s wait for the real confirmation 🙂

Natalie joined Lily-Rose Depp on the red carpet at Cannes for the Planetarium premiere in Venice, where she looks absolutely radiant.

Will we soon have an announcement to congratulate Natalie & family? 🙂



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Planetarium Photocall

Natalie just attended the photocall and press conference of the film, alongside Lily-Rose Depp, Emmanuel Salinger, and director Rebecca Zlotowski. As usual, Zimbio has a complete image gallery of the event:


Also, Daily Mail has a few Natalie pictures leaving the Excelsior Hotel, on the way to the Photocall.

The red carpet and premiere will take place this afternoon at 17:15.


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Jackie Red Carpet Photos

And after a great day, what better “finale” than a splendorous red carpet. Click on the image to see the first pictures:



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