Hey all

Another quiet day on the news front but we’re working on lots of things behind the scenes. The new design is coming along steadily and Kris deserves some credit for all the work he’s putting in. But of course he’s nothing without my genius steering the ship, right Kris? I wouldn’t like to guess as to when it’ll be ready but I’ll keep you all up to date as to the progress.

Sanji and I tried to do the point counterpoint thing this weekend but it was a bit of a screwup. This is what happens when you spend just 5 minutes planning the thing. The live chat approach is not the way to go as it felt forced and we ended up talking about Soprano’s more than the topic at hand. So, instead, I think I’m gonna set up (and by “setup” I mean “get Kris to setup”) an editorial page where Sanji and I as well as other staff members (and maybe even guest writers?) can rant and rave about certain issues. Sound good?

Melody Nelson found some great new old pics and her partner in crime, Titooy, removed the watermarks. Here’s an example. The rest can be found over at this gallery.

Jessica sent in this little tidbit:

E! Ask Marilyn a guy asks if she has any new movies coming out besides Star Wars and she talks a little about Cold Mountain.

Is that new? Anyone have anymore info about it?

Apparently the Cosmogirl of the year poll is now open. I say apparently cos I’d have to register to check and that’s just a…bridge…too…far…

And a little bit of fanart to round things off:

Nat sent in 3 wallpapers, the last of which includes some np.comic pics, which is nice to see. BTW, the new strip should be done soon.

And lastly, N.P. Fan is back with another drawing.