new comic

Hey all

Nate and I have got the new comic strip done. I have no idea why I wrote “Jim” in the script. It’s meant to be “John” as in director John Duigan. My bad.

Justin wanted me to tell you all that the cosmogirl poll from yesterday…well if you REALLY want Natalie to win, note than you can vote 100 times a day. So get cracking!

And finally, Vern is back with another Spotted from Down Under.

“‘SPOTTED’ Star Wars stars Natalie Portman and Ewen McGregor catching comedian Eddie Izzard’s show at a theatre in Sydney”

Ok, now seriously…where the hell are the pictures? What are you Aussies doing down there? Get those camera’s out! You may rock at sports but you’re falling way behind in the paparazzi stakes. For shame!