19 million!!!

Hey all

Wasn’t gonna update tonight cos I’ve been busy working on the new design…and by working I mean cracking my whip and making Kris do handstands.

But this email was something I had to put right up. It’s from Alex.G and he seems to be channeling Sanjiro. Coolness.

Turns out that you’ve reached your 19000000th visitor. and i am that man. i dont even know if you care. but the fans of np.com care. and i care. well, i guess that i already included myself as a np.com fan, but… shut up me.

i’ve attached a cool jpg of the 19000000th visit. it was at 3:58 mountain time. yay for me and my MSPaint skillz. ttyl Dazza thanks for continuing to be devoted to the site and the fans… and nat. Natalie is surely the classiest celebrity in Hollywood.

Thanks Alex and congrats, now you have something to tell your grandkids someday.