server issues

Hi Vapid…and everyone else.

Before I get to the update, english soccer/football fans make sure you read all the way to the end of the update cos there’s something for you guys.

You may have noticed that the site’s been a bit…funny this weekend. And not so much “ha-ha” funny as “motherf***ing piece of sh*t” funny. This is because Pher has been doing some work and upgrades on the server. The main problem being that only the main page is viewable. But everything should be fine soon so just wipe those tears away and hang in there!

Ok, news, let’s see what we have…

Claire sends word that Natalie will complete her work on Episode 3 next week although I suspect there might be callbacks at some point. I can’t believe she’s almost done and there still hasn’t been one lousy paparazzi photo. I just don’t understand what’s becoming of this world…sigh.

Quinn and Christopher noticed that Nat’s upcoming involvement in The Smoker has been added to the IMDB. If you recall we mentioned the film a few weeks ago but there’s still not much known about it.

Stephen sent in a nice big SW pic. With the server probs I can’t check to see if we have it already but hey, it’s worth it regardless.

Several people have emailed me that Anywhere But Here will be on tomorrow…Sunday 10th August, BBC2, 11:15pm…in the UK.

Just the one piece of fanart today and it comes from JenR.

And finally, just another reminder of the Cosmogirl poll.

Thanks everyone.

Now for the soccer/football boys and girls. I am setting up a fantasy football league for some friends and if you follow the english Premier League and would like to partake, send me an email because we have some spots to fill.