Cold Mountain and BOOBS

Hey all

Early update cos this is some biiig news. Firstly, AICN has another review for Cold Mountain and it’s extremely positive. He mentions Natalie but doesn’t go into specifics.

But later in the review he goes into some spoilers and does a checklist, here’s a portion of it…

Now for a quicker recap of the good stuff.

Roster heads being pulled off. Check

Goats throat sliced. Check

Creepy albino bad guy. Check

Portman boob. Check, Check and Check

Kidman butt. Check

4 way with a priest. Check

Head shots. Check

Jack White from the “White Stripes.” Check (He is actually good in the movie)

Oh…my…god. And why did he check it 3 times?

The movie sounds good. The boob will be great. Best. Day. Ever.