it’s all about the boob


I’m not sure why but I’m so damn tired tonight. I’m sure you know my excuses well enough by now to know what’s coming.

I’m gonna have to split my update in half. Half now and the rest later this weekend.

So let’s get to it while I can still keep my eyes open.

The Boob hoopla is kicking up a bit of a storm so I’ve set up a new editorial on the subject and a poll to see where you guys and girls stand. With the boob or against the boob?

Your feedback about that issue as well as the Keira debate is very welcome and you’ll notice that we’ve already added some fan feedback in both editorials.

Just to let you know, the last poll ended with almost 80% of you either liking or loving the new design, which is music to my ears. Next week we’re gonna look into a couple issues that have been brought up.

There’s a brand new image attack up of Natalie’s shadow. Thanks to everyone who sent that in.

And now for some…