part 2


As promised, here is the second half of my update.

Nate and myself finally found some time to put together a new comic. Hope ya enjoy.

Ali and Mark sent in this scan from the new In Touch Magazine about Natalie’s involvement in Stagedoor.

Miss Kacey and Claire found an interview with a contest winner on and Natalie got a couple mentions.

Greg has reminded me that the new sexiest 100 poll is up. Last year we were able to get Natalie the win so get cracking!

And Nicole has begged me to get you all over to Cosmogirl to vote for Natalie some more. The winner will probably get to be on the cover or something so there is that incentive.

Sliv found a wonderful (although not entirely accurate) 2D CG image of Natalie over on this board.

And now for some fanart…

Marco sent in a very simple but striking wallpaper in two sizes. Click here and here.

Eddie sent in another cool Mathilda sketch.

Archymethez sent in 3 nice wallpapers all using the same great pic.

And finally, two 800×600 wallpapers from Phil. Click here and here.

I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who has sent in editorial feedback. I’m trying to reply to most but it’s not easy. Tomorrow we will be adding some of them to the ‘From the Inbox’ section.

Till then.