banner change?


We’ve made a couple small changes to the site, based on your feedback:

– Clicking the banner will now take you back to the main page.
– Clicking the rotating Natalie pic will now take you to the relevant gallery.
– Pages now have “last modified on” like they used to.

Now a slightly bigger change is possibly on the cards. Most of the feedback I received was positive but out of the negative, the banner got the most flack. It also got a lot of good feedback but I feel it’s something that could be improved upon. So I’m gonna leave it up to you. Head on over to the poll and unless the majority want the banner to stay the way it is, we’re gonna look into a change.

For the record, the previous poll about Nat’s boob finished as follows:
1 ) Is the best news ever. Shwing! 28.22% (250 votes)

2 ) Is her choice and none of my business. 26.75% (237 votes)

3 ) Is a disgrace. 4.51% (40 votes)

4 ) Is evidence that Nat is finally taking her career seriously. 5.64% (50 votes)

5 ) Is disappointing but I’ll live. 9.48% (84 votes)

6 ) Is just a tit, whats the big deal? 23.25% (206 votes)

Well voted guys and gals!

JD sent in the news that Natalie has made the’s Top Desirable women list again. Last year she was number 77. This year? 9! Wooo!!

Squady sent me this link to an ongoing debate on the IMDB. The debate? Who is the better actress…Natalie…or Anne Hathaway! Ahahahahahaha.

That’s all for today.