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Hey all

The poll is now closed. Here are the final results…

The banner is ok – would depend on the replacement banner. 49% (270 votes)

The banner is great – no change for me. 35.75% (197 votes)

The banner sucks – definitely needs a change. 14.16% (78 votes)

Which means? Which means we will now be accepting banner submissions from you guys. We will pick our favourites and then YOU will get the chance to vote for your favourite and the winner will be the new banner. Of course we will include the current banner in the vote, because it did get a lot of support, so don’t worry about that. Please keep in mind that the banner has to FIT the current scheme. Send in something with lots of reds and yellows and we’re not gotta pick it.

So get cracking people!

We’ve added the first From the Inbox to the new editorial. If you want to have your say, don’t be shy.

On the subject of emails, Bob sent in this great one, which hopefully he won’t mind me including here:


Since you have have no real picture profile, and the Timberlake article I scanned was sent to Dazza, and you seem to come and go at will, I think you and Dazza share the same body, a-la split personality.

Whenever Dazza is feeling goofy, or wants to lust excessively over Nat, he turns into Sanji. When Dazza’s world is running smoothly, Sanji disappears for a while. When things start to get bad, Dazza puts out an A.P.B. for Sanji to come to his rescue, and the Sanji persona reappears.

Or maybe I need some sleep.

Not to mention we’re also writing a screenplay together…hmmm…

On that note, check out the new poll.