New editorial and poll *updated*


I wrote up a new editorial, which can be read here. Hope you all enjoy it…or get pissed off…any reaction is good. Remember to send me a line if you have anything to say.

The Natalie-Gael poll has ended and here’s the final count:

Its their lives, no business of mine. 37.15% (266 votes)

Who cares, celeb relationships never last. 24.58% (176 votes)

Terrible, Gael looks like such a player. 24.16% (173 votes)

Great, they are both talented and good looking so as good a match as any. (89 votes)

Interesting results. I bet if I posted pics of Gael and Natalie together we’d see the “no business of mine” rhetoric thrown oughta the window straight away.

Aaaand, we have a new poll up.


Forgot to mention that the Leon Superbit DVD comes out today. Click here for a review.

But the only content of the day is a drawing from Marcello.

Happy birthday, Bunny.