Banner poll is up!

Hey all

First some breaking nat news and then some site stuff.

Cal from Schmotown found out that Natalie will be participating in the Kids for Kids Celebrity Carnival. She’s done this before and it’s a great cause so try and head on over to NYC on Sept. 20th to show your support…or oogle Nat. Take a camera! More info can be found here.

The time has come dan-dan-dan-dan-dan-dan-dan-dan…

The banner poll! You should know what it is by now. If not, shame on you! Ok, fine…since a number of people wanted to see what other options we could use for a banner before deciding whether they wanted to keep the current one or not, I’ve asked for submissions, picked the best ones (sorry to those who didn’t make it) and now it’s up to you to vote.

*pause for breath*

With the help of Mart we’ve incorporated the banners into the site design, cos looking at them on their own it’s pretty pointless.

So, let’s get to it.


The results of the old poll were…

What are you looking forward to more?
Star Wars: Episode 3 65.18% (498 votes)

Cold Mountain 25% (191 votes)

The end of this update 6.28% (48 votes)

The Cat in the Hat 3.14% (24 votes)

Wow, I must be pissing off a lot of people with my SW comments. Hoo-hah! And the 24 of you that voted for Cat in the Hat…for shame.

And finally, we’re a little bit short on help over on the french site. If you are bilingual (french and english obviously), have free time and want to help out, please send me a line.

More stuff on the way tomorrow.