the big news day just got bigger

Update number 2…

Ok, so we’ve setup a gallery for the pics from earlier today (altho it wasn’t easy with Kris and Mart, the technical guys, AWOL…but Melody and I persevered) although we still don’t have any bigger versions. There are more tiny pics tho.

And now we have another gallery up, from the Zac Posen Spring Collection show, at the very same fashion week. Natalie was a special guest and sat in the front row. The pics in this gallery are bigger but there are some unsightly watermarks.

And then we have a new pic of Natalie with her parents at the New York Philharmonic Opening Night post concert dinner (sept 17)…whew, quite a mouthful. Thanks to Mike.

Rouge and Orionsaint also sent in a link to the new image attack.

And finally, on the IMDB, Large’s Ark’s name has been changed to Garden State…hmmm…thanks to Tufkad.

And that’s just the important stuff, probably more updates all through the weekend.