Weekend hangover

Hey all

If you have been here long enough to remember JC, you’d recall that he did most of the updates. This was partly due to him being several hours ahead of me on timezones, partly due to his work ethic and mostly due to people sending all the news his way because I like to sorta get to know my news awhile before updating. Wine it, dine it, six…errr…yeah.

But I digress, the point in all this is JC USED TO DO MOST OF THE UPDATES. So jump forward to today. I’m pretty worn out. And Sanji…Sanji feels that anything more than 1 update a month is overworking him. So sometime this week I’ll be announcing a new updater. They won’t update very often but it’ll just give me a little bit of breathing space. Someone to throw the ball to when I’m in a pissy mood.

Speaking of which, I should also mention that Raziel is now helping out the German site and a new french staff member will soon be added. The more the merrier.

But enough about that, let’s talk Nat.

A bunch of new pics have been added to the Kids Carnival gallery. The dress is crap but Nat is always great so check. It. Out.

2MuchTime has sent in some video clips. I haven’t got them yet so I can’t really add much in the way of commentary, well I could but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. It’d be all like “And there’s Natalie, and she throws something and people rejoice” while the clip would actually be Natalie playing marbles or something. You get the point. Now get the clips…

Interview during the royal London premiere of Episode I.
(DivX, 7 Mb, 1:27 mins)

A bunch of stuff from “The Saga of Star Wars” documentary: Clip 1
(DivX, 910 kB, 0:14 mins)

Clip 2
(DivX, 2 MB, 0:28 mins)

Clip 3
(DivX, 2 MB, 0:22 mins)

Clip 4
(DivX, 950 kB, 0:17 mins)

Clip 5
(DivX, 2,7 MB, 0:25 mins)

Alethon sent in this…

i consider myself the number one fan of Alexis Bledel (if there is anyone willing to fight my place i’m willing to kill!) i go to the extremes to get every magazine and article about her. a website ( http://www.sparkleteddy.com/alexis ) posted that she appeared on the october/november 2003 issue of teenvogue. thanks to my 16 year old niece i was able to get it, alexis is on page 151 and 34. Anyways i got bored a little bit and started turning the pages and on page 70 i found something really funny! i saw natalie portman and a mexican actor gael garcia bernal embracing each other!. she looks really cute with a striped pink shirt and brown shorts. the page is called talking fashion:trendspotting it shows other couples like mila kunis and macaulay culkin. she also appears on page 96. you should get it is nice, a little advice try to make a teen age girl buy it for you, it is less embarrasing.

Ok, no real big news (the pic is surely the one we already have) but any oppertunity to mention Alexis, I’m gonna take. The girl is amazing. Amazing I say!

Moving on…

Jim has a band. The band have a website. The band have a song. The song is called “why won’t you be my girl”. The song is about Natalie.

No fanart today except to check out this site, it has a number of cool wallpapers, some of which we have but some new ones as well.

Aaaand, that’s a wrap.