Cold Mountain and Lux

Hey all

My grandmother passed away yesterday so this update is gonna be straight to the point.

The full theatrical Cold Mountain trailer can now be seen here (Kris will put it on for download soon…or maybe we should just wait for the lovely QT version) and Natalie makes a blink and you’ll miss it appearance. Orionsaint sent in this cap from the trailer.

We’ve got some great new photos of Natalie from Japanese mag. They’re from the Lux ad campaign. Also thanks to Erica.

Natalie’s sex face
Is that Mystique’s hands?
Voila, perfection.

And now for some fanart.

Jysaac sent in a wallpaper made of banners, which is pretty cool.

And finally, Barry sent in these 2 wallpapers. Click here and here.

That’s it for now. Go hug your grandmothers.