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Hey all

Titooy grabbed some more pics from the recent public set.

Talking and walking
Still paying
Still strolling

Nat and Gael are certainly making themselves a lot more prominent to the public eye. Cal found this report of them attending the closing party of 21 Grams (gonna be a great film, check it out) at the New York film fest.

Gael Garcia Bernal was seen having a smooch with actress Natalie Portman. To our chagrin, Bernal later refused a pic from iPOP (sans Portman), which came as a little surprise given his past enthusiasm.

Porsche found a new blurb…

In the November issue of GQ (The Men of the Year Issue) Nat’s Star Wars co-star, Hayden Christensen, (Who I met the other night at the premiere of his new movie, Shattered Glass. He was actually very good. Looks like they’re both re-breaking the Star Wars mold) has a decent spread. It says, “…we have to ask Christensen about his urges in Star Wars: Which holds the greater boy thrill, kicking blue-screen ass or making out with his intergallactically cute costar? Ever the collected young Jedi, Hayden refuses to choose.” He says, “Wielding a lightsaber is defintely one of the cooler parts of being in the movie, but kissing Natalie Portman definitely has its appeal.”

What a fruit.

Probably more later this weekend.