another week is upon us, much like Gael is upon Nat

Hey all

Not much in the way of news today but we’ve got a fair bit of fanart to compensate. Also, an abusive email has inspired me to work on a new editorial. Good thing cos I’ve been drawing blanks on that for awhile. Feel free to send me any topics you think would be good for the editorial page.

Dana sent word that the official Cold Mountain site is now up. Unfortunately, at the moment, it just has links to the trailer and a banner featuring Jude, Nicole and Renee. Hopefully some nat content will be forthcoming. I wonder if Nat will be doing publicity for the film…perhaps ANOTHER Letterman appearance?

Rachel found this blurb:

hey on page 82 under beauty celeb raves natalie
portman keeps her lips soft and smooth with prada’s
ultraport shielding balm spf 15 ($60 for 30 tubes)

Now for the fanart.

Eric continues with his wallpaper parody wallpaper’s.

William sent in a wallpaper using one of the new Lux pics.

Next up is a great first effort by Jennifer.

Here’s a new wallpaper from Tyler and one from his friend Chris.

And finally, here’s Jim Wodka’s wallpaper to end off the day.

Oh, and we had two more anagrams.

WS: O Martian Planet
Wilheln: National Arm Pet