paparazzi are people too!

Hey all

It’s all about today.

We’ve got a new editorial up, as promised. It was prompted by an email sent to me but we were actually discussing something along the same lines on the msg board a few days ago so check that out the post that started it all (and obviously the replies). I’m very keen to hear what you guys and gals have to say so send me a line and your comments might appear on the site, documenting your genius/idiocy forever!

On top of that we also have a new poll on the topic so check that out.

The results of the last poll were…

Natalie giving money to the homeless guy tells us… 690 votes

She has a kind heart. 68.12% (470 votes)

She knew she was being photographed and played to the cameras. 15.8% (109 votes)

She was just buying the guys cap cos she thought it looked ‘fly’. 7.54% (52 votes)

She has so much money it weighs her down when she walks and has to offload it anyway she can. 7.1% (49 votes)

Mart managed to add the Sky article. It’s the first article to be added to the article “recent articles” section over there ->

It may seem a bit pointless now but trust me, when a film comes out the articles flow like beer at a pub.

Melody Nelson has added this lovely ABH Toronto press conference pic.

Titooy found some bigger pics of Nat and her dad waiting for the taxi and even better…no watermarks! Head over here to check them out. If you don’t want to see the devil pictures of Natalie out and about, don’t click!

And that’s it…oh wait, before I forget again, Amidoll brought my attention to a new search engine at where you can search for text from INSIDE books. Enter in Natalie Portman and see what you get.

I’m gonna try and update tomorrow, since it’s halloween and all (still got no fanart) but I’m planning to paint my room and it might be uninhabitable until saturday. If I do update tomorrow I’ll probably be high so apologies in advance.