moo ha ha

There will never be an important-er update than this one.

i don’t remember what special things went on last Halloween but DAZZA told me that none of it is happening this year because 1.) “Caleb doesn’t believe in the holiday” (ed: what?) 2.) Kris is in Nigeria.

However, sanjiro comes through by penning an np.comic! it is great.

Tyler, popcornhead, and loleia also got into the Halloween spirit and whipped up a few halloween wallpapers.

Finally, newsflash!:

Christensen won’t remain mum on his admiration for co-star Natalie Portman, who continues her reign as Queen Amidala.

“She’s a real sweetie, and a good kisser,” Christensen says, grinning.

“No, make that a fantastic kisser!”

so i lied. happy halloween!