Nerrbody in da club getting tipsy!

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Ever wondered what Natalie drinks when she goes clubbing? worry no longer, my friends! "she drank ketel one and tonics, and had a shot of SoCo and Lime." mix and…

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i was drunk. i was lonely. it meant nothing.

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howdy all. DAZ couldn't find sanjiro so here i is. andy submitted this awesome page featuring Juan Albuerne's re-paint job of one of Hasbro's original TPM Amidala dolls. it is…

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Before we get started, i'd like to apologize to the people i grievously offended in an earlier update when i linked to penis nipples and gay porn. To the very…

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like OMG

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FliPP: I am totally in love with this girl. She's like the best thing to ever happen to me since that last girl i was totally in love with. it's…

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this is a fluff update

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AC scanned this neat bit from the MX newspaper in Melbourne. see, if you're gonna badmouth Natalie Portman, do it in a tongue she doesn't understand. like tagalog: PUTANG INA…

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moo ha ha

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There will never be an important-er update than this one. i don't remember what special things went on last Halloween but DAZZA told me that none of it is happening…

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Dana found a positive early review of Cold Mountain by David Sauvage. There are a few spoilers so... yeah. He describes Natalie as part of an "extraordinary cast of characters."…

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site news: saturday's update was translated into spanish. do not trifle with robotinez, his robotical powers are limitless. the language boo-boo is being remedied right now but for those of…

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