Before we get started, i’d like to apologize to the people i grievously offended in an earlier update when i linked to penis nipples and gay porn. To the very people that read my descriptions, clicked on the links and then complained, i offer this beautiful piece of children’s art:

“It signifies how people are coming together from different backgrounds and reaching out to each other.”

Now, I’d like to point you towards Starwars.com‘s supa-elite pay section, Hyperspace. It has the first Ep3 look at Padme. I dunno how long the pay periods last but it could be worth it. :\

Dave Poland posted his Cold Mountain review earlier today.

I could forgive a lot of the problems with the journey if Minghella stuck to the magic moments he gets. For instance, Natalie Portman has an incredibly powerful moment with Law as a woman who hasn?t been touched by a man in so long that a simple touch of the hand makes her break down. It is a great moment about the absence of loved ones during any war or time of stress.

and Bill Tush (“who’s Bill Tush?” “i don’t know”) chimes in with a very positive review.

Stephen sent some more hi-res NY premiere pics. They’re really big. Big like Ruben Studdard. geddit? because Ruben Studdard is really fat. you can see the new pics here and here and here and here and here.

The hi-res pics from DAZZA’s earlier update haven’t been lost in translocation but you’ll have to give Melody Nelson time to move them into the gallery.

Takeshi Yamada scanned a Japanese TV guide with Natalie on the cover. I love the name of the magazine.

and finally, that damned Wallpaper Monkey offers this piece by Omar.