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I am totally in love with this girl. She’s like the best thing to ever happen to me since that last girl i was totally in love with. it’s a natural high, y’know? sometimes i imagine she’s a Laz-E Boy recliner and i’m a rodeo clown. It’s our thing. The thing that makes us click. and by click i mean, horny.

So there i was, scanning Fleshbot when DAZZA AIMs me. No surprise, of course. We chat every day. Bizarro nipples and gay porn: that’s usually par for the course. He wants me to make an update. I tell him, “sure” although i can already see where this is going. i always get the hand-me-downs. You know what that means: wallpapers. FUCK. YAY!!!!!!!! since it’s my favourite part, we’ll save it till the end, otay!

Today on!

SCAN’s Rumoured Projects page, updated by Melody Nelson with the very latest buzz! note: buzz may be dated.

READ DAZZA’s take on Natalie’s possible involvment in the new Superman Project! it’s not quite “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” but what is?

DAZZA here: I think Flipp had just finished a glue snifffing session when he wrote this. Anyway, what he failed to mention above is that From the Inbox emails have been added. Back to the insanity…

If words make your brains HERT, you can LOOK at this neat watercolour piece by Freebie.

or WATCH the VH1 clip by following jay-me’s advice! There’s also some buzz that you can also watch Natalie at the Nicole Kidman tribute December 1 on AMC.

You could even check out the latest np.comic! The narrative is confusing but DAZZA promises me that will be fixed soon. I hope they fix the Funny too. If you get the np.comic gag maybe you can esplain this comic to me.

Finally, like a great looming pink elephant no one wants to acknowledge, the Wallpaper Monkey drops by with this ginormous piece by Christophe.

OMG Jonathan Brandis ded?!

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