bring on the pain

Hey all

This is probably my last update for a few days. Tomorrow night I’m gonna watch Revolutions and then it’s off to bed early cos on thursday morning I’m going in for surgery to get my wisdoms removed. I have no idea when I’m gonna be able to update again but I think it’s safe to say that thursday ain’t gonna happen. I’ll try for friday but no promises.

If I die…well my last request is to tear down the site and upload a R.I.P picture of me in tribute and loving memory.


I can see the update from Sanji now.

“Right, well DAZZA died when the doctor slipped on a banana peel and stuck something through his head, so I guess I’ll have to update.

Anyway, enough boring crap, let’s get to Nat stuff…”

Anyway, enough boring crap, let’s get to the Nat stuff.

Dearest Cal found the Oscar Consideration advert for Cold Mountain at oscar watch. Have a look and you’ll see that they’re going for Natalie as supporting actor…although, like most big Oscar films, they pretty much go for everything.

Purplefacedmonkey found this IMDB news item that talks about Nat and Gael. A little slow on the uptake aren’t they? But moving in together? That’s new.

Surprisingly Natalie and Hayden made Empire’s top 10 cheesiest film moments for their “romance” in Ep2. Click here for more. Thanks to Amazing Andy.

Andy also found this little blurb:

Fashion designer Zac Posen was guest of honor at a benefit luncheon/fashion show that raised $50,000 for the Wellness Community of Philadelphia at Robert L. and Susan Burch’s 49-acre spread in Gladwyne last week. Posen was asked who was the most beautiful model he dresses, and who has the best figure. He had to choose among Naomi Campbell, Bijou Phillips, Lauren Bush, Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and Claire Danes. But he answered both questions the same way: “My sister Alexandra.” Smart guy. Alexandra works in the business.

Kasimir sent made some Sony Eriksson T610 themes. They are the .thm files found over here.
This is an example of what it’ll look like on the phone.
And these are how the 3 themes will look:

Melody Nelson and Mart added a new old article/interview from the ABH days.

Break out the champagne and turn the lights down low, cos here comes today’s sexy fanart.

JJ sent in something interesting. I’ll let him set it up.

I?ve attached a file of an original ink drawing of Padme by Tommy Lee Edwards. He?s an artist primarily known for his work on the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises. He?s currently selling a limited edition of his new book?THE ART OF TOMMY LEE EDWARDS?on his website:; I asked for a drawing of Miss Portman as Padme?the work is great.

Frank called his wallpaper stylish and wouldn’t you know it, he’s right.

As the sun rises every morning, here’s another Tyler wallpaper. Nice effort.

And finally, Wiedel sent in a great sexy wallpaper as well as some more anagrams.

to an alien tramp
eat normal paint
in an apart motel
anal porn at time
planet animator
an important ale
lamentation rap
a normal patient
I’m a tolerant pan
an inmate patrol

/me waves goodbye