i got ten minutes to keep adding on this super duper day of happy nat lovin. and i’m sure it was mentioned on the site before, but if you take a look over to the right of the screen you’ll see that natalie is supposed to be on a show called vogue fashion superstars.

She’s not just on it SHE’S ON IT! they have different fashion designers and stuff and there’s a segment on zac posen. and natalie is there trying on different outfits and dancing! charlie the natdog also makes an appearence. this is the best thing ever!! i hardly make updates on my own!!!!!! this is special.

the show is on VH1. and if you missed it today (Saturday) they’re playing it like three times tomorrow (Sunday). i’m not sure of the times. but i think they were 1 am, 10 am and another one i don’t remember at all. both of those are Eastern. she on in the second half of the hour. i missed the beginning of her segment so i don’t know how long it is. so check your local listings, baby.

and holy crap is she cute in those pics below. is her hair short or just pulled back? i can’t tell. BUT YAY!!! this is the finest nat news day EVAR.

holy crap again! what if this is old news?!?! what if this is a rerun of the VH-1 show! no time to worry about that!! i’ve been ranting and raving for 6 minutes now!! it’s 4 to 12! i have to upload this thing!!!!!!!!!

love you.

DAZZA here…love you too Sanji.
*grope grope*

Could someone PLEASE record and encode the Nat parts? My VH1 is crap and doesn’t have the show and I’m sure there are others like me. Thanks.