Just wanted to clear up a few things before tonight’s update.

First up are 3 new Free Zone pics in lovely Hi Res.


Here are the results of that last Oscar poll:

What are your favourite lines from Natalie’s Alice – her Oscar nominated role?

Hello stranger. 29.24% (205 votes)

I don’t eat children either. 24.25% (170 votes)

She’s very…tall. 14.55% (102 votes)

Thank you, my name is Jane. 12.41% (87 votes)

I’ve been you. 8.99% (63 votes)

Where is this love? 8.56% (60 votes)

Yikes, the two quotes that I thought had the biggest emotional punches came last. Sigh.

I’m not really sure what the new poll should be…so why don’t you help me. Click for the new poll.

And finally, the photoshop contest. The first week back had plenty of entries and congrats to Joe Tesora for his winning picture. However, the second week’s submissions have been few and far between. So I’m thinking of a new idea. Instead of sundays being the closing of one contest, the opening of the voting for that contest and the posting for pics for the next contest…we’ll just have the contest pics go up, the submissions up for the vote a week later and the winner announced a week after that. And then we start it all again, so they no longer overlap.

So I’m going to extend the last contest till this weekend. Here are the pics in case you forgot.


Seeya later.