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I’ve suddenly got an inbox full of update worthy material so *cracks knuckles* lets get to it.

The biggest news has to be the email delivered to my by Agent Finn. It is an early look at a teaser poster for Natalie’s character in The Darjeeling Limited. Apparently there will be several other posters for the other characters and I’ll see if I can get my hands on those. I just woke up so I have no idea if other sites have gotten a hold of this yet but screw it, I’m gonna claim “EXCLUSIVE!” anyway.


For whom it may concern, the above poster was created by us as an April Fools joke.

I want the current poll to run a couple more days and then I’ll set one up for thoughts on the poster. Personally, if it wasn’t the poster for a Wes film I’d really be scratching my head right now. At least its unique.

Moving along…

I’ve gotten a lot of emails about this next item. The US Postal Service are running a contest for which Star Wars stamp is going to be put into production. I don’t think the Padme stamp has a chance in hell but it’s worth a try. Thanks to all those who emailed me about it.

Last sunday I posted a bunch of higher res pics from this gallery. Unfortunately the images were a bit dirty (and not the good kind either) but Robin took it upon herself to clean them a bit. So here they are once again.


Running a bit short on time so lets jump to a bit more fanart.

Jean sent in another really nice wallpaper.

While Jeremy sent in a wallpaper in two flavours. Click here and here.

I’ll be back with the rest later today or tomorrow.


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