This day just keeps getting better. Dave Poland is one of my fav film writers and in his new column…well I’ll let you guys read it for yourself…

As for the footage, the best performance in the clips was Natalie Portman’s, who was the only one who was shown in a scene that was both powerful and subtle? which is really what Minghella excels at as a writer/director. His best moments are the ones where words cannot express the feelings of the players. In this scene, Portman’s need for human contact overwhelms anything else and the release that comes when she finally has just a touch is amazing.

Dave goes on to add…

I am still looking forward to seeing Cold Mountain, a few times. And this evening will not in any way make me lower my Oscar expectations for the film. The only real shift is that I am now less convinced that Phil Hoffman has a shot at a nomination and much more interested in the prospect that Natalie Portman could be a contender. I can’t wait to see Kidman and Zellweger in moments as powerful as the one Minghella created for Ms. Portman.


I’m happy.

You can read the whole column here.