VH1 clip!

Hey all

Seems we’ve got a lot of extra visitors because of AICN’s link…nice to see nipples bringing people together.

Kicking things off with some great news…John came through for us and sent in the VH1 clip that Sanji says is the best thing since the last best thing. I don’t want the server falling on it’s face again, so if you have seen it or if you are able to catch a repeat on tv, please don’t download it right now. I’ll play my part and wait a day or two as well.

Right, so here it is…right click and save as.

Thanks to Jason who also offered a copy.

Moving along, tolovemeistoknowme sent in a “full body” shot of one of yesterday’s kamiseta pics…

Titooy has found some more nipple parade pics. They are VERY hi-res though, so we’ve included smaller alternative versions.

Gorgeous head shot HiRes
Gorgeous head shot

Full body HiRes
Full body

Push-point HiRes

Nat and potential co star in Capa, Adrien Brody HiRes – Note how her slip isn’t nearly as transparent as when she was on the red carpet, so maybe she didn’t intend to show as much as she did? Oh well, too late now…muhahahha.
Nat and potential co star in Capa, Adrien Brody

Side on HiRes
Side on

And finally, Nessa sent in a wonderful wallpaper using of the new kamiseta pics.

Later this week, a new comic strip (no points for guessing what that’s about), a new poll (Superman), a new editorial (Supes and Capa) and hopefully more Nat news and pics.