waiting for the worm to turn

Do you know what this is?

It’s nothing. And nothing is what we’ve had all week in Nat news land. If the well is still dry tomorrow I’ll maybe write a new editorial (speaking of which, sorry for the Ang Lee faux pas…I’m drunk 90% of the time) or do something fun.

What I can do is setup a new poll, so that’s what I’ve done. It’s pretty simple but we did it a couple years ago and strangely the ladies “won”. It’ll be interesting to see if they still have the majority.

Battle of the sexes!

The results of the last poll looked a little something like this:

Natalie as Lois Lane…
Might be good…might be bad… 46.43% (267 votes)

Would be a big mistake. 22.43% (129 votes)

Would be the greatest thing ever. 16.7% (96 votes)

Superman is gay…seriously… 12.7% (73 votes)

But we do have one news item! Melody found this Alex Vega quote…

“I don’t know yet. I almost want to hold off and find like a Natalie Portman role because I love her.”

Wow…exciting stuff.