did Nat burn all her bras?

Hey all

It’s another busy Nat news day so I’ll have to put aside my 1000 word soliloquy on table manners for another day.

76knights sent me a sh**load of hi res pics from the NY premiere. They will all be added to the gallery but here are a few of my favourites.


I guess it’s not just the mountain that’s cold…

Speaking of which, reviews of Cold Mountain continue tumbling in.

Jason sent me word that Slant Magazine gave it pan but once again, praised Natalie’s involvement:

“The best scene in the film–an encounter between Inman and the widowed Sara (Natalie Portman)–subtextually grapples with the lament of a war that nearly separated every man from every woman. This one scene truly evokes how an otherwise insignificant romance was enough to make any man heading to war (or any woman left behind) going strong for a lifetime”.

While AICN posted several reviews from negative to glowingly positive. Here are some Natalie highlights…
…the lonely widow played by Natalie Portman (no boobs shot, friends, sorry)…

…There is one scene with Natalie Portman that actually fulfills the epic intentions of the film. I don’t want to give it away, but it’s the only instance in the entire move where an actor (in this case, Portman) is able to suggest that one of these stock characters might actually have some hidden depths. Somebody please give this girl a proper lead role that can finally show off her immense talents. And, no, nothing associated with George Satan Lucas counts…

…Natalie Portman does the best work of her career as a lonely young widow…


All of which brings me to the new poll, check it out here.

The results of the last poll are quite surprising. With such an extreme change I had expected a lot more negative votes.

What do you think of the Natalie’s Mathilda Redux look?
Absolutely fantastic! 38.18% (318 votes)

Cute but I’m not sure. 33.13% (276 votes)

Not too great but it might grow on me. 18.37% (153 votes)

Even worse than 9/11. 9.48% (79 votes)

In the January issue of Glamour an interview with Britney brought about this Natalie blurb…

Q: So what do you want for your future?

and she replies:

A: I’d love to do a musical. I was on Broadway when I was younger, in Ruthless. And Natalie Portman, who’s one of my best friends, was my understudy! We only realised the other day when we were talking about when we were young.

I wonder what the hell they talk about??

Thanks to Nat-AH-lee for the above and for this…

Natalie will appear in the form of two clips on bbc’s Film 2003 with jonathon ross…the repeat is on the saturday 13th (The charity preimere in london is on the sunday) at 1:05pm shown on BBC2 as it a repeat, and you will see her entering the Mann theatre and her reaction to the question will the film get any oscars…its two pretty darn cute clips so someone please please capture it!!!!

A site for the attraction between Nat and Hayden…haha

I made this fanlisting because I have a belief the Hayden and Natalie did share an attraction while shooting Star Wars. Being an avid Anakin/Padmé shipper, I began to wonder if their alter egos shared some of their attraction with reality, mainly because of their phenomenal screen chemistry. For more details, visit the evidence page. And just for the record, my belief isn’t that they were dating, merely that they had an attraction and a good friendship, and for some strange reason they didn’t act on it.

Thanks for that Celia, I needed a good laugh.

Time for some fanart (I was going to include the dozen collages that Stephen sent me but I’m beginning to fade so I’ll post them tomorrow)

Jen here with another nice blurry wallpaper.

And finally, William has sent in another good wallpaper. Whew, at this rate we might need some sort of adult check on the site soon.

I think it’s time for a cold shower, seeya.