editorial, poll and news

Hey all

I promised another update and even though it’s 2am I’m here.

*looks at bed longingly*

Ah screw it, I’ll sleep all day tomorrow.

Ok, so there are two more big pieces of news. Firstly, Stephen says that the Nausicaa site has confirmed the voice cast list for the dub and unfortunately, Natalie is no longer on it. I would be upset but Alison Lohman is incredible so…yeah.

The other bit of news is very interesting. A friend of Melody’s said that he heard Luc Besson on Fun Radio a few days ago and Luc said that there WOULD be a Leon sequel and that Natalie would be in it. At this point take it and every other Leon rumour with a grain of salt but still…stranger things have happened.

Which brings us to the new editorial. It’s more about getting your opinions than crapping on about mine (for a change) so after you read it feel free to send me your two cents. Be giving, it’s christmas.

And of course, to compliment the editorial, here is a relevant new poll.

And finally, here are the results of the Cold Mountain poll.

Will you be seeing Cold Mountain?

Yes, but only because of Natalie. 39.21% (247 votes)

Yes, it sounds great. 29.84% (188 votes)

I’ll wait for video or DVD. 10% (63 votes)

No, but only because I’m going to watch Return of the King for a month straight. 9.68% (61 votes)

No, I was counting on seeing her breasts. 5.4% (34 votes)

No, it sounds crap. 4.13% (26 votes)

Enjoy the tv appearances!