tv round up

Hey all

Well, it’s been a fun couple of days. Natalie’s appearances were great, well, apart from the Good Morning America one, which almost as boring as it was short.

We have that clip and the Daily Show one but they’ll only be available for download next week. With Pher being away we have to be very careful cos if something goes wrong with the server it’ll be down until he returns in a week. However, we do have galleries set up.

Conan (just the 1 pic so far)
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Good Morning America

Interesting points from the interviews? Natalie wasn’t on The Daily Show on wednesday because of food poisoning from her mom’s quiche. She’s currently working on Closer rehearsals. And she visited a strip club in Transylvania.

Moving on…

Jamie says that there is a clip of Natalie in Cold Mountain, over at the official site, called “goodnight”. The site isn’t working very well for me so I can’t really confirm it but go check it out.

Celine has found a new old pic from one of my favourite shoots.

And finally, Eric is selling a couple Nat items on ebay and wanted to give them a shout. I better get a cut, Eric 😉

Borders display
Errr…a cardboard circle…

We’ll be adding some from the inbox emails later this weekend, the vid clips next week and Kris is working on a surprise.

So stay tuned.