Happy Hanukkah!

Hello everyone, NataliePortman.com doesn’t stop spinning just because of the holidays!

Let’s kick things off small:
Did you know Natalie played the doomed decoy Cordé in Episode II before the explosion? Well, she obviously did!

But what Natalie also did was get food poisoning last week (thank Shelley for that one!). That’s why her guest spot on Daily Show with Jon Stewart was pushed forward. But she overcame it and did the PR round in New York last week while preparing “Closer”. The round included “Good Morning America“, “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien“. And where would be the best place to find those clips in all their digital glory? RIGHT HERE!

But we’re not gonna stop there, oh no, we’re going for a Homer run and updated the entire video section to now offer you better and cheaper service. All with extra vegetarian mayo!

Should we stop there?… think so since hanukkah is pretty long…

Download away folks, but keep in mind “our” borrowed download server is only open from 8 pm to 6 am CET! We’re working on a better version of the Conan O’Brien clip, but this one will do! Thanx everyone who sent in the clips! And thanx to Caleb for the nice Christmassy banner 🙂

And remember – scissors can be used as toys!