Today’s Outage

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Today we had our first major outage since the infamous hack & wipe all those years ago! As it turns out it was the company hosting this server (Softlayer) that…

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Welcome to the new!

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Hello and Welcome to our new design! I'm here to talk a bit boring technical stuff about why it's so different! The old system we had, that I had written…

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New link thumbnails

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Thanks to Celina we have some new, and much better looking, thumbnail for the forum and the calendar.

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Server moves

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During April we noticed that our 2 year old physical Windows server was showing signs of breaking down and when in early May most people accessing the PHP parts of…

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Welcome to our new server

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Hi and welcome to our new server. Although Softlayer have served us well over the years we have had some issues and one of them being old versions of PHP…

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Fellow swede Gabriel Liestam sent these wonderful drawings of Natalie from "Black Swan". Enjoy!

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