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Welcome to the new!

Hello and Welcome to our new design! I’m here to talk a bit boring technical stuff about why it’s so different!

The old system we had, that I had written from the ground up and customizing it to everything we needed, was slowly breaking down. As the PHP programming language evolved some things even stopped working. So we had a bit of a staff meeting to decide what to do. And we decided to go with a full content management system called WordPress!

We’ve bought a few addons and plugins to make it work the way we want it, but unlike the old system we have to make compromises since none of it is exactly customized for us or the way we want things. But I think we’ve done a good job of making it as similar to the old system as possible. It also makes it alot easier for the rest of the staff to create and edit pages than in the old ways so hopefully you’ll see alot more of that.

And we’ve also gotten a facelift! We bought a theme called Axiom that we all liked , but WordPress makes it easy for us to replace it if we want with any other theme!

Commenting is currently disabled, but when it’s enabled you’ll need to recreate your user for commenting here in WordPress. You can either create a user from scratch or you can use a social plugin to use your Facebook or Twitter account here – if you want!

We haven’t touched the forum, it’s still there with all the old bits and pieces. The gallery system should also be intact. We’re working to transfer all the pages from the old site to the new but because of the holidays that’s going a bit slow but we’re getting there. The article and video section is also being worked on right now but we thought it was important to launch the new system as soon as possible since the old is … very old!

Merry Christmas, happy hanukkah or just plain and simple have a good day!