Sick update


This’ll be the first big update of the new year as it’s time to clear up my inbox. Oh, and apparently it’s also my job.

So here we go…

Jon found these quotes from Nat (talking about EP3) on

“I saw a pretty amazing fight scene between Ewan
McGregor and Hayden Christensen,” the actress said.
“It’s pretty sick.”

While she was reluctant to give further details about
the fight itself, she did reveal something unusual
about the high-energy dual. “They did it all
themselves. They were thinking of having stuntmen do
it, but they were better than the stuntmen. It’s
pretty awesome.”

Oh, how I loathe this new use of “sick”.

AQMB’s Cal had a great little find. In amongst this crappy little article is a hint as to what Natalie did for New Year…

“This year, New Year’s toasts are going to be a little
bit ? well, girlier.

Champagne-maker Moet & Chandon is making a big push
for its zesty pink bubbly: The Brut Imperial Rose
cuvee will be served at actress Nicole Kidman’s family-and-friends “Ruby Ball” in Sydney, as well as at the Pink Panther-themed party Natalie Portman and beau Gael Garcia Bernal plan to attend in Mexico City. (Even Martha Stewart was recently seen sipping a glass at Manhattan’s Four Seasons Hotel, according to the New York Post.)

Moet Rose is available in single-serving mini-bottles
and retails for $10 to $50.”


We haven’t heard any silly Hayden comments for awhile…you know where this is going right? Thanks to Nat-AH-lee for the find from the Dec 24 issue of More.

Q: Ooh! What sort of girl would you like to dive on your bed with?

A: It would have to be someone with a good head on her shoulders.

Q: Natalie Portman your co-star in Star Wars, has a very pretty head on her shoulders. Is It true you were dating in real life as well?

A: No. We had a lot of chemistry on set. so I guess it’s easy to speculate. Natalie’s a very beautiful girl but that doesn’t mean i want to date her. i don’t think its a good idea to date actresses. Especially when you have to do sequels with them.

Q: So you’re definitely not the new Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Then?

A: Noooo. Never!

Orionsaint made some caps from that ET thing…click.

Celia must have a pretty keen eye. We all thought the nurse outfit was new but was it?

And now for a buttload of fanart.

Belated thanks for this great xmas wallpaper from Jen and this hanuka wallpaper.

Maria sent in 3 great pics.

Felix sends us…Natalie as Dorothy!

Stephen was a busy boy and sent in tons of wallpapers.

Tony sent in a nice big wallpaper.

And finally, this is from Rachel.

Guh Buh!