Natalie Everywhere!

on this day in history…JANUARY 10th 1994: Natalie Portman ate a cookie.

Here are a couple of nat sightings. and here’s some salt to go with them.

From Fred:

Not sure if this is helpful or not, but my family and I sat next to Natalie Portman, and I presume her famiy and boyfriend, on Jan 3 at the restaurant Giorgio’s Table on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. The word was she was staying at Little Dix Bay (a swanky resort) and had been there a few days. She had pizza which was not on the menu. So I don’t know where the information came from about her being in Mexico but I can tell you she was 5 feet from me on Jan 3.

From Kiernon:

I saw Natalie in a magazine store at Terminal 7 at JFK Airport, New York, on Saturday night (Sat 3rd Jan 2004). She was standing right next to me, buying all these magazines while I was just standing there trying to figure out which magazine to buy myself. I didn’t notice her at first, she is much shorter than I would have imagined. Her hair was celtic braided and gave the impression of being quite short. She was wearing all black, tight fitting clothes (shirt + trousers). No one else in the store payed her any attention at all and she was on her own. I only noticed her when I took a break from trying to decide what magazine to buy and coping with all the luggage I was carrying. As you can imagine I was quite flustered anyway so it didn’t help that the most beautiful woman in the world was standing right next to me. I did a double take to make sure, but it was definately her. When she got in the queue to buy her mags, she then stuck her head out from the line and looked me dead in the eye. I went off to catch my flight to London, confused and definately not impressed that I’d just missed an opportunity to talk to her, because honestly, she seems quite normal and approachable like any other girl I know.

THEY’RE ON THE SAME DAY!! i guess it’s possible natalie left the virgin islands and got to JFK airport or something.

thanks guys.

next up is a new pic of Natalie shopping on the 22nd of december.


Melody and Titooy found it.

NICE SHOES! has a (i think) new pic of natalie with a bunch of other guys. and you can PICK A CAPTION for the pic. wow.

and lastly, more caps from the VH-1 thing. thanks to Ed.

Fashion Soopa Stah!

what would be without wallpapers?!?!

i don’t know.

here they are.

Mat with one T!

3 nice drawings from Winnie


and a wallpaper from Jan-Vincent

Cold Blue

and that’s the news for this cookie eating day 2004. thank you and good afternoon.