Daniel and Nat??

Hey all

I’m incredibly stoked that The Office did so well at the Golden Globes. It’s certainly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And it was really nice to see Mike Nichols’ Angels in America doing so well. Pacino was absolute gushing in his praise for Mike, who is of course directing Natalie in Closer right now.

Ryan decided to rain on my update yesterday as well as my parade with this little report:

I saw the preview for Garden State, but, calm down, even your image mastery will not be able to do much, the scenes in the promo, Nat is in the water from the neck down, there’s maybe one shot of her floating on her back…. I just don’t want your mind blowing with imagination…. though it now does guarantee me going to see this movie !!!

Bah humbug.

I dunno what to make of this. I initially hated this guy but a couple of his songs won me over and while I still think he’s full of himself, my opinion is now more positive than negative…although I’m not sure why. Anyway, I don’t know why he mentioned Natalie but it’s worth looking into. Maybe he took a hard knock to the head in the accident.

I just wanted to let u know that Daniel Bedingfield is a huge natalie portman fan. He was in a car crash a few weeks ago and this is what he posted on his messageboard(read the last sentence):

I’m not dead, or paralysed, or numb, or still, or bad stuff like that. I’m alive! Thank you God.

Thank you so much for the roses, countless messages, massive amounts of cards, other stuff and HUGE MILLIONS of prayers prayed by you faithful people.

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God I had my seatbelt on, wasn’t drinking, wasn’t speeding, and had someone to stroke my hair while being cut out. It took an hour of waiting before they finally got me into the Ambulance.

Angels must have been holding my neck. I should be dead. When you break c2 (second vertabrae from the top) you can die so easy.

I broke 6 vertabrae altogether, in 10 places. I am soooo lucky to be alive.

I’ll see you all soon.

Thank you all and especially Natalie Portman for encouraging and loving me though this challenging time.

Daniel Bedingfield

Hmmmm. Thanks to Jacoline.

Asian Al sent in a lovely touchup of this Vogue pic.

Nat-AH-lee sent in this scan from More magazine, detailing how to get Nat’s hair-do.

And now a bit of fanart.

Loleia sent in another wonderful wallpaper. Really great stuff.

William sent in a nice simple wallpaper of Nat pimping her coffee.

Chrystal sent in this wallpaper of Nat and herself.

And that’s it. Tomorrow I’ll do some proper site stuff. New poll, write a new comic strip and maybe even an editorial…any ideas?