the bikini for all to enjoy


As I mentioned, there hasn’t been much in the way of news but lets see what there is.

Kestrel sent this link to the film section of the BBC website. On it is a stream of the show Talking Movies, during which they talk about Garden State and show a couple of scenes with Nat and Zack INCLUDING the red bikini scene. Hopefully we can get the Nat clips up on soon but until then try streaming it from their site.


Mart was kind enough to grab some caps so…


And here is the vid for download.

Regarding that Daniel Bedingfield quote from the other day, well Jacoline was kind enough to send in a link to the post. Having read a bit it seems like he was just joking. Always seems weird when celebrities have crushes/obsessions on other celebs…like they should be above that or something.

I promised a new poll so…ummm…yeah.

And here are the results of the last one.

Your anticipation level for Garden State could be described as…

Curious 55.66% (241 votes)

Ravenous 24.25% (105 votes)

Flaccid 9.93% (43 votes)

Ambivalent 8.08% (35 votes)

I’ve got a rough idea for an editorial so hopefully that will see the light of day sometime this weekend.

But now for some submissions.

Joachim sent in this very cool sketch.

And lastly, Jen sent in these two wallpapers. Clicky clicky.

And thus ends another update that failed to change the world.