Party pack!


Well I’ve semi-recovered from last night’s soul crushing display of football so let’s get to it.

I have organised the From the Inbox but I sent it to Kris to put up because it tends to take me twice as long and tends to look twice as messy when I do it. Anyway, here they are.

Eric G. sent in this article from the University of Michigan paper. The writer is a nat fan but who finds his fandom under threat by Scarlett Johannson. Well I don’t want to be drawn into criticizing Scarlett so I’ll just say that Garden State, True and Closer are gonna make everyone remember what all the fuss was about. And hell, there’s plenty of room for multiple celeb crushes.

Marco found this little write-up praising Natalie’s look.

Alicia wants everyone to vote for Natalie and Cold Mountain in this nominnation form. SO DO IT!

Not much fanart today but they’re all great.

Loleia sent in another beautiful wallpaper.

The non graphical artists are running amok at the moment and here’s another good example from Neil.

Here’s another drawing from Matt and I think this one is brand new. It’s pretty much amazing, down to the smallest detail…I won’t go into what some of those small details are but go see for yourself.

And that’s it.