It’s Day 1 and we’ve brought the fun!

Well here we are.

4 years (plus a couple weeks) since we took over the defunct and set about making it the number one Nat site again. Well if you head over here and compare our stats with other Nat sites you’ll see that we’ve done that and then some.

Now you’re gonna have to tune in tomorrow to see some real “fun” as Sanjiro will be updating, but I do have a few goodies to kick things off.

By now there’s no way you could have missed the new banner. Thanks to Caleb, as always, and don’t worry, he hasn’t lost his mind (and talent) I specifically asked for something loud and cheesy and silly. I don’t remember asking for gay though…and I’m not sure why it appears I’m behind bars but I wouldn’t like to speculate.

The banner will obviously only be around for this week so enjoy/hate it while you can.

I’ve obviously got a bit to say about the site but I’ve put my thoughts in a new editorial over here. It’s a bit boring but we’ve got something to make up for that tomorrow. As always, please send in your thoughts as they’re always appreciated.

We’re gonna try and crank out a poll a day this week, and here’s the first one.

And here are the results of the old poll…

The new Italian Vogue pics are…

Sexy chic 47.19% (260 votes)

Retro cool 35.21% (194 votes)

Scary ugly 5.99% (33 votes)

Oddly transexual 5.08% (28 votes)

Incredibly normal 4.9% (27 votes)

The only real Nat stuff today is that Avion sent in some great Italian Vogue scans, I know we’ve got the pics but only a couple of them are nice and clear. Maybe someone out there can stitch the scans together? Then we’ll be sorted.

1-1 1-2
2-1 2-2
3-1 3-2
5-1 5-2

Oh, and Avion is also writing up a translation of the article so we should have that in a day or two.

Alright, that’s it for today.

Tomorrow Sanji will blow all our minds!