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Okay, enough mucking about. Let me catchup on the fanart backlog but first a couple other things.

Thanks for all the feedback regarding the nat pic battle. I’ve set up this poll to gauge things further. Having a best series of pics would make things easier but at the same time it’s a little less specific because there can be great and crappy pics in the same set.

There’s still not much news so here’s something to ease the minds of those who believed the pregnancy rumour:

Well hello Dazza, today (like everyday) I enter to, I was very surprised wit the message you received, I´m also mexican, my name is also Carlos, but I can assure that I don´t write that message. To be honest I didn´t here anything about the preganacy about the great Nat here in the local news, but I can assure you, that since the beginning of the relationship between Nat and Gael, here in Mexico the info has been vey bad. But what I can tell you is that here in Mexico there´s a kind of Gael’mania, and because of that all the press dedicates only on tell gossips about him and his “friend” Diego Luna (they make as a couple in the mexican movie Y tu mama tambien) so believe me this information has a .5% of accuracy from the reality.

Portmania kicks Gaelmania’s ass. Fact!

Sean sent me this news with the heading “LATE BREAKING MIND BLOWING NATALIE NEWS”. Well it might be “late breaking” (or at least was when he sent it) but it’s certainly not “mind blowing” and vaguely qualifies as “natalie news”. So thank you Sean for making me cry.

Since Natalie news is pretty flat right now I figured I’d post a quick transcript from Zac Braff on Jimmy Kimmel Live on monday. This is pretty much the only mention of Natalie or Garden State. No release date mentioned…

Jimmy Kimmel: “So, you’re from New Jersey and you even named your movie Garden State. Tell us how that came about.”
Zac Braff: “Well, it’s basically about a guy who goes home after his mother dies. But it’s really a comedy. (audience laughs) And he meets Natalie Portman, her character…” (scattered “woos” from audience)
—later in the show—
Jimmy Kimmel: “It must have been hard getting a movie like this going.
Zac Braff: “Yeah it was. We were lucky. Natalie Portman said yes and then…
Kevin Nealon: “Natalie Portman from Cocoon?” (audience laughs)
Jimmy Kimmel: “No. She’s from Star Wars.”
Kevin Nealon: “Oh, ok. Yeah, she’s cute.” (more scattered “woos” from audience)


That reminds me of my biggest pet peeve. The TRL scream that all american girls now think is cool. My god, there’s nothing more annoying than seeing a girl on tv going, “and I want to thank my boyfriend Josh, even though he’s probably sleeping with my best friend as I speak…and…ummm…and Pink rocks. YAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

I’m sorry but I see that and I think “moron” and “sheep” and “I wonder if Pink is a lesbian?”

Cute, quiet, smart, non conforming girls = thumbs up

There’s only room for one moronic sex and that’s us guys.

So, uh, where were we? Oh right, updating.


We’ve gotten a lot of emails from people saying, “Hey, it’s Keira in that Lux animation from the other day. You suck!”


The animation has 3 products and an actress for each. Natalie is one of those actresses and Keira is the other. Got it!

This was potentially the worst news ever. I think we all dodged that bullet although she probably would have looked hot in it…hmmm…

“Kravitz will film a video for the first single, “Where We Runnin’?,” shortly. Sources familiar with the production of the video said the rock star’s first casting choice for the video was actress Natalie Portman. She declined because of a work conflict, so Kravitz has set his eyes on Scarlett Johansson.”

Thanks to Amidoll and Mike for that.

And now, the fanart.

Anna sent in some pretty stylish artsy wallpapers. Click here and here and here.

William always sends in great stuff and this wallpaper is no exception.

Obiwan was sitting around and thought to himself, “hmm, I wonder what an egyptian Padme would look like?” Now we know.

Lyra sent in these three wallpapers. Click here and here and for my favourite click here.

And finally, Tao Cho fired off this wallpaper.

Hopefully there will be a lot more news next week but at the very least there should be a new comic strip to look forward to.