Thanks to Ani


Ok, based on the poll it looks like you want the nat pic battle to be between pics, not sets and to stick to their category. So magazine pics vs magazine pics, candids vs candids etc.

So that’s what we’ll do. Now the problem is…what pics? I’m thinking we’ll start with 128 of the best pics but I don’t know how to pick them. I mean there are hundreds of great pics from her as a kid to a young woman, looking cute and looking sexy, dressed casually and smart…it really boggles the mind.

So does anyone have any bright ideas? If not I guess I’ll just ask you all to send in suggestions and I’ll get the staff to pick their favourites and see where that takes us.

I’ve got a few things to update with but nothing major, and since I have to wake up bloody early I’ll have to update properly on the weekend.


Bah, I better post this tonight because Jeff Wells has a new column due tomorrow. Head over here and scroll down to “Closer” to see some feedback to Jeff’s Closer article that we posted on monday.


Melody convinced me to include these scans about the Jude-Nat kiss. Thanks to Amidoll.

And now I really have to get to bed.