Fear the Pher

So Pher decided to do some maintenance which took the whole thing down over the weekend. It’s the stuff that happens, but as we say – show us the money! Which is what we’ll be saying soon because Pher wants new software for the server so we’ll be doing a fundraiser soon. Just FYI, with all the juice that this site is sucking, if it was on a commercial webhosting service, it would cost atleast $200 per month. So a few bucks for some software isn’t too much to ask we hope?

Other site news ; the first (of hopefully very few) newsletters went out on Saturday. Unfortunately, the Daz-man screwed up by a) displaying all e-mail addresses on the list and b) not having a title/subject. The first one is bad from so many privacy issues it’s scary, the second one is bad because antispam software may have blocked it.

The trailer for Garden State is up on the site, but really, as long as it’s on Apple’s site there’s no need to drain the bandwidth here, right?

Natalie related news ; Natalie bought a new pair of shoes (burgundy) this morning and only talked on her cell for 2 hours. She’s thinking about getting a Bluetooth headset so she won’t look so rediculous on the candid photos but she’s worried about the radiation. To be continued….