muppets and smokers


Just a couple addendum’s to Kris’ update earlier. If you have a clip of the Sesame Street episode please send it to Mart as Kris is away on business. This link has the tc schedule, thanks to Nadia. Also, he forgot to thank Amidoll for the pic.

Also, Sean decided to whip up a Mathilda comparison…pretty amazing if you ask me. I think Nat had the fountain of youth installed in her apartment.

Celia found a couple interesting links. The first seems to indicate that Natalie will be appearing in a Sesame Street Special where celebs talk about their favourite moments over the years. Somehow I don’t think Colin Farrel will be involved.

The second link is to a Sesame Street forum…let’s take a moment to digest that shall we…a place where adults discuss the characters and stories of SS episodes. I just realized I’m not nearly drunk enough to be writing this particular update.

This reminds me of the last Angel episode aired here in SA, where Angel got turned into a puppet. It was pretty funny…sorta. I hope they save that show but I guess they need to make room for CSI: Wisconsin and Law and Order: Jay Walking Division.

But I digress, in that link someone mentions that Natalie was initially meant to appear in 3 episodes but as she lost her voice, which is apparently clear to see in the episode aired, someone else filled in for the other 2.

Dark Horizons reports on some Smoker news…

Smoker: Owen Wilson is in negotiatings for the Rudin/Linklater film. With “A Scanner Darkly” going in August (only a 30 day shot as a major portion of the movie is animated), this project has been pushed back to October. Nick Nolte is also being pushed to play the father character to Natalie Portman.

Still don’t know much about the poject but Linklater makes interesting films so here’s hoping.

Tim sent in a nice scan of an old VH1 pic.

While Star sent in a scan from the April InStyle magazine.

And now to finally catch up on some fanart.

Matthew sent in this nice sketch.

And Greg also sent in two drawings. Click here and here.

Seeya soon.