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Remember Sanjiro?

Right, so first up is the good news that the Camille and TRL awards galleries are now up. Thanks to Melody and Titooy.

Amidoll says that US Weekly mentioned our april fools joke in the “couples” section. Could someone scan that for us cos that’s pretty cool. Almost as cool as the time Stalkers Monthly mentioned me in their “Shoot on sight” section.

ZitaNitsa found this link about Natalie attending the record breaking John Kerry fundraiser and apparently she also gave a speech. Rumours that she called for an end to the war, the end to starvation in Africa and the end to natalieportman.com are, at this point, unfounded.

Northernboy happened to catch a bit of the rally on CNN and there was a glimpse of Nat. Hopefully someone will be able to get pics or a clip.

Cal found a brief write-up of her appearance from CBS and it’s quite harsh.

Sen. Charles Schumer spoke first. The crowd cheered New York’s senior senator as he introduced actress Natalie Portman.
Portman tried to rally her peers, but this wasn’t her arena. She held the microphone too far from her face and was too girlishly nervous. Her soft voice lost in the noise. Dressed in a schoolgirl gray-plaid skirt and pink button-down shirt tied at her waist, she looked like Britney Spears going to a job interview.

“We use the right to drink as soon as we get it,” she yelled, “use the right to vote.”

I can picture her being nervous but at least the quote is pretty good.

A few weeks back we mentioned that Natalie was 70-something in the new FHM 100 sexiest poll. Well either that was wrong or it was a different country. The US poll actually had Natalie come in 50th. The classy Britney Spears made #1.

ZitaNitsa also found this blurb about Natalie partying it up with ratboy.

Natalie Portman was ready to party Tuesday night. The actress recently went on a good-will mission to Israel, where she cheered up children in hospitals, and has also just wrapped “Closer” with Jude Law and Julia Roberts.

With her current beau, Gael Garcia Bernal, apparently otherwise occupied, Portman stepped out with her old pal Lukas Haas. The two stayed up dancing at Crobar, where Xbox Live threw a party to celebrate the 10 millionth copy sold of OutKast’s latest album.

The group’s Andre 3000 and Big Boi were on hand, along with what seemed like 10 million of their friends, including Jay-Z and Beyoncé (who arrived in his chauffeured Maybach Mercedes with draped windows).

Switching continents, Grady says that Australia’s New Weekly reported that Gael and Nat were recently seen shopping for furniture in New York. I wonder if they would even need a double bed, what with her being so tiny. I’m sure they could fit snugly into a single.

If any guys are still alive, let’s see what else there is to cover…

Ok, this might make up for the last comment. We’ve added some old St. Barts pics to the appropriate gallery, and this pic, well, it’s an instant classic.

The results of the battle of the sexes are in! 70% of YOU are guys, which means that in the first poll we did, a couple years ago, either a) guys voted for “girls” as a joke, b) Natalie’s hotness has drawn in more male fans or c) I’ve driven away all the female fans.

I vote c.

Anyway, we’ve got a new poll up so check it out.

And now a little bit of fanart for the road.

Pawe sent in this nice drawing.

Some people were shocked to see that Natalie supports Kerry. Personally, I can’t see why. Now THIS would have been a shock. Thanks to Dutch_T for that.

I read the Smoker short story but I don’t know if an editorial is needed. All I can really say is that it was very well written and the characters should be very interesting indeed. I’m intruiged to see how they flesh out the story.

James has helped me organize the battle of the nat pics nominations you sent in and so far there are 57 pics. Some only got one vote, some got 2 and a couple got 3. Now I need to go through the galleries and make some additions, maybe get the rest of the staff to also make some choices. I want 64 or 128 pics but 64 seems too little and 128 seems too much. But anyway, just so you know I am working on it and Mart is working on the actual page that’ll go up.

I could just throw this thing up but I want to do it right so…yeah. Patience, children, patience.