i’m making an update.

in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly with Spider-Man on the cover there is a small picture of Nat with her good ole pal Zac Posen (who really looks nothing like Nate draws him. sorry Nate.) it’s on Page 27 and the article is about a classic film festival type thing where movie stars and fashion designers get to show their favorite films. Natalie hosted on April 13 and she showed the film Camille. they quote her as saying “[Camille is] my favorite sort of love story. The one that never really gets to happen.” my damn synopsis is almost as long as the article.

anyway, the pic is pretty cool. her hair style is changed yet again and is sort of messy. I like it.

so that’s the whole story. if anyone wants to scan it and send it in we’ll all be happy.

Kris updates: In case you missed it, and it seems sanj did, the image gallery from that event can be found here!