photoshop’s fate is revealed


Not much on the Nat front tonight but let’s see what there is…

Here are the results of the photoshop poll:

What do you want to do with the photoshop contest?

Whatever, dude. 41.58% (210 votes)

Keep it going. 35.45% (179 votes)

Wine it. Dine it. 69 it. 10.69% (54 votes)

Stop it. 10.5% (53 votes)

So…that means that next week we’ll begin the 5th contest. I would like to hear from you all though. Is there something you’d like changed…for instance would you prefer it if people could vote for EVERY entry pic? Any other ideas?

As one poll ends, another one begins. Go check it out.

The only bit of Nat news is the following from Cal

Sure, Zach Braff is adorable, but he’s also apparently irresistible to the ladies. Just a few months after he was linked to his “Garden State” co-star Natalie Portman, the “Scrubs” cutie, 29, has been spied spending quality time with Mandy Moore, 20. Us reports the pair was “cuddling and kissing” in a private booth at L.A.’s Spider Club on October 2 at a post-fundraiser party for John Kerry. “She wouldn’t leave his side!” an eyewitness tells the mag. “They seemed really into each other.”

Portman, meanwhile, may have reconnected with an ex. US says she had a “lingering lunch” with former boyfriend Gael Garcia Bernal at the Chateau Marmont on September 23. “It definitely didn’t seem like they were broken up,” an insider says. “They were acting very friendly and seemed really happy to be together.”

Take that one with a pinch or two of salt.

It’s now time to catch up on some fanart.

Amy sent in this Closer wallpaper.

And William, who never disappoints (except in bed), sent in this lovely Closer wallpaper.

_Natalie sent in a bunch of stuff.
Closer blend
Interview blend
Another Mag blend
September calender
October calender

Imac has also been busy and sent all these.
A tiny 4

And finally, a couple wallpapers courtesy of MJ. Click here and here.

Ok, that’s all for now. Just to let you know that I did write a new comic and tomorrow I aim to have the editorial up.

Till then.